Glenburn Tea Estate

DLX Ltd. Kanak Building 41, Chowringhee Road, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 700 071, India



Glenburn’s aim is simple - to bring you the freshest seasonal tea directly from the source. Owned and run by the Prakash family - a dynasty with a 100 year tradition in growing and manufacturing tea, they offer a range of tea from their estates in Assam (Khongea) and Darjeeling (Glenburn) - both premium tea growing regions of India; and therefore, offer only the best tea for the most selective drinkers. In North India, tea is produced from March to November of every year. The same plant is harvested around thirty times during this period; so that different times of the year produce teas with different flavours due to weather and seasonal changes. All Glenburn tea comes from a series of special harvests conducted throughout the year on the best days of a particular season. The tea makers at Glenburn also ensure that the tea customers receive is from a single batch – that is tea produced on a single day of a particular season. This way, the tea you receive is akin to single malt, with a unique character and flavor. Customers will also be provided the details of the batch they receive, like rainfall and temperature on that day, the section of the estate your tea has come from as well as the planting material used. Instead of aiming for consistency, Glenburn hopes that you will enjoy the unique character of your own "single-malt" tea. Glenburn and Khongea seasonal teas are available either in foil packets and attractive tins which make lovely gifts.

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