Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw PVT LTD

Plot No 439 Hebbal Industrial Area, Mysuru, Karnataka, 570016, India



Earth Loaf began in London, late 2010. The project began producing hand-made organic artisan country bread and raw vegan confectionery for sale in markets, coffee shops, restaurants and yoga studios around the city. \r\n\r\nIn 2013 founders, David and Angelika visited India with view to change scenery, climate and lifestyle. After discovering cacao growing in Karnataka the idea to begin Earth Loaf India took hold, and Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw PVT LTD (India) was incorporated in May 2012.\r\n\r\nIn May 2014 the company completed its’ initial research and development stage, and slowly began making its products available outside Mysore, on the national market.

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