Last Forest

41/111E, Groves Hill Road Kotagiri,, ta, Tamil Nadu, 643217, India



Last Forest was a dream that came true in 2010, when it was registered as a separate entity. Incubated by Keystone Foundation, it had it’s place in the structure and work that Keystone began in the Nilgiri hills, nearly 25 years ago. Most times, when development projects come into being, the funding process provides avenues for capacity building and training. Most civil society organizations withdraw when it comes to dealing with the market or even if they make an effort, it is always with apprehension. Many others would like to sustain with constant infusion of project funds. Based in Kotagiri in the heart of Nilgiri mountains, we provide marketing solutions to primary producer groups and communities that are working on forest and agriculture produce which are natural, wild and local. We cater to the entire supply chain of procurement, quality check, brand, promote and sell organic, fair trade, and indigenous products. Here you can find honey, a range of beeswax products such as candles, soaps, and lip balms, spices, herbs, millet, coffee, essential oils and more. Last Forest procures from over 45 groups across the country and sell through over 100 outlets including three retail shops in the Nilgiris that are owned by us. For this we work with more than 150 villages impacting thousands of people.

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