The Indian Bean

Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400061, India



Buying beans can be expensive, yes, but only if you’re one of those who believe that we just don’t get great coffee in India. Or perhaps you just haven’t been able to find any good Indian beans. That’s where we come in – we traveled around the countryside, from Nepal to the hidden hills of Kodagu and Kodi, and found a treasure trove of awesome Indian coffee beans; we met a bunch of brilliant people who grow this coffee and are building a community that supports indigenous and socially conscious farming practices. And what we found has left us wide-eyed in wonder (and it’s not just because of all the coffee we drank!)\r\n\r\nEver heard of single-estate coffee? That means beans from a single farm – no mingling, no mucking with the taste. A little snobbish, yes, but hey – you’re reading about buying coffee beans on the Internet, so there must be a bit of the gourmand in you, too! Well, anyway – we’ve found two wholesome Single Estate Coffees of a drinkable age so far, and trust us – it’s the only way to enjoy the rich, complex flavours of real coffee.

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